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Beautiful woman spoil themselves in Manchester’s Top Spas

Exclusive Spas in Manchester are in abundance and offer a serene, calm and utterly relaxing haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There are many spas in the city centre of Manchester which offer a peaceful retreat from the mayhem and madness playing out in the streets outside and Exclusive Company Manchester escorts frequent them all. Spas offer a wealth of services such as facials, body treatments and massage, amongst an endless list of other treatments. There are luxurious day spas and there are also premium spas located within some of Manchester’s most prestigious hotels, where guests can stay overnight, or longer, and luxuriate in the pamper packages on offer.


There are also medical spas which offer laser treatments and non surgical treatments, such as Botox and fillers and there are also spas which offer more unusual elements such as energy work and holistic therapies. There are also those spas which have many hidden extras but that is a different story completely.

Massage tends to be the most popular treatment and the beautiful girls from the top Manchester escort agency, Exclusive Company love to indulge in a spa environment which hold many health benefits for their busy and hectic lifestyle. Facials are another top priority for spa goers and regular facials can really transform ones complexion and blood flow, presenting a much more even and glowing skin tone. Body treatments are also a fabulous investment, as body polishing and wrap help to hydrate and sculpt the contours of the body, leaving your skin baby soft and much firmer and radiant in appearance. There are also metaphysical treatments which focus on the energy flows and relieving the blockages within our bodies, which include Reiki, reflexology and psychic massage.

boasts a plethora of Exclusive Spa venues which includes the top spa, The Bali Health Lounge which is a day spa and is located at 48 George St, Manchester, M1 4HF, within a stunning three storey Victorian building. This luxurious hideaway allows it’s customers to escape from the hectic city below and be spoilt with professional and satisfying treatments tailor made for each individual. The spa follows a traditional Bali style setting and provides a myriad of treatments and therapies for the mind and body and is a must to visit should you be feeling the desire to fulfill all your pampering needs.