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A comparison of Agency escorts vs Independent/AW escorts

Throughout this article we are going to discuss a brief overview of the various differences between escort agency girls and independent/adult work escorts. This guest post has been written by London Punt escort directory, a London based website that efficiently incorporates both independents and agencies seamlessly which if you are interested can visit here: http://www.londonpunt.co.uk.

There are several core tenets relating to agency escorts and independent/adult work girls that define them apart. At it’s simplest:

Escort Agency Escorts

Gabriella, Escort Agency Escort

Image sourced from Carmen’s Secrets

An escort agency is simply a company that has a multitude of escorts on retainer. The escorts provide their regular working girl services whilst the agency promotes them to clients through various websites and advertisements. Escort agency escorts typically cost a more money because they have to pay a percentage of their earnings to the company. On the other hand, escort agency girls are generally more professional and have been screened to ensure they aren’t up to anything nefarious.

Independent Escorts

Suzanne, independent escort at London Punt

Image sourced from Suzanne, independent London escort

Independent escorts are call girls who advertise their own services and find their own clientele. Essentially a freelance escort. While most independent girls tend to charge less, this can sometimes be reflected in the service they provide. Generally it’s harder to find an outstanding independent girl, however it would be incorrect to say these girls are lower quality than escort agency girls, there are outstanding and unacceptable girls in both categories.

Adult Work Escorts

Adult Work girls are for the most part independent escorts advertising their services on the Adult Work site. This site has a veritable fountain of crusty old clientele, meaning that escorts who under perform quickly receive a host of bad reviews. Whilst Adult Work is a low quality site, it’s got a lot of industry information and escorts, meaning it’s a good place to do research on escorts when you need to.

So, out of independent escorts, agency escorts and adult work, which is the best choice?

There is no best choice. While our team at London Punt has spent many years in the business of escorts and we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the industry in general, we honestly cannot find nor provide formidable evidence to praise one of these choices above the other.

Eventually it boils down to preference. Do you want to pay a little extra for an agency, which provides you with a wider range of girls who are typically more reliable? Or have you taken a fancy to a cute independent girl at affordable prices?