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Shagging Our Way To World Peace

There was a song by a band called Blue Mink back in the late sixties which had a lovely sentiment in its chorus and a well meant theme that is slightly ruined now by the most staggering collection of racial, ethnics and religious slurs sprinkled throughout the verses. But the chorus is still cool:

“What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough to take the world and all it’s got
And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out coffee colored people by the score”

Well, the wonderful people who run escort agencies in Marbella and the Costa Del Sol, such as Marbella Beauties from The Marbella escort Agency and 2nd Circle Escort Marbella are clearly doing their best to live up to the racially indifferent theme of the hippy-age song (but without the pregnancies required for the coffee colored people!)


The girls and women who are represented by agencies such as these arrive in the Costa Del Sol and Marbella from everywhere you can imagine; Europe, North America, South America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. At any given time, a good Marbella escort will probably have at least one representative of every race and physical type imaginable. Ijn the same way that human beings vary, so do peoples sexual preferences and their tastes and requirements from their ideal partner.

So successful firms such as 2nd Circle and Marbella Beauties do not just represent latin chicas or Scandiavian ice-queens. They will also represent women of every race and physical type (though, political correctness having little part in hard-nosed commerce, there is in reality little call for a BBW). Blondes, redheads, brunettes. Petite or tall, skinny or Amazonian, curvy or athletic, fashion-model slim or glamour-model busty.

Likewise, their clients come from every part of the world (pun intended). Obviously there are a lot of Brits and Irish clients. But they also attract clients from Canada, the United States, Mexico and various Latin American countries. Clearly the main bulk of clients throughout the year are from Northern Europe; countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany.

Increasingly Eastern European men and couples are a major market for them, including visitors and new Marbella residents from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia.

And in the summer (though less and less each year) the Arab and North African clients contribute a huge financial hit to the Marbella economy and firms such as 2nd Circle and Marbella Beauties as they come to Marbella for cool weather (!), good shopping and easy morals…visitors include men from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Doha and Qatar.

There are even a few visitors from Asia and Australasia every year for various reasons.

But wherever they come from, the philosophy of a good Marbella escort agency will be the same as that of the Hard Rock Cafe. “Love All, Serve All”.

London escorts – Emma and More

Emma has been in London for some time now, located in Bayswater – she did formley live in Paddington, in a very nice apartment, Emma is always a great escort to go and see. She has just recently raised her rates and now charges £200 for an hour incall but I am sure that you will agree that she looks worth it, the thing is the time you are going to spend with Emma is really going to be fun and I do believe that you are going to want to return for more. Emma has a really good figure and looks after herself, she wearing sexy underwear and always has a pair of high heels to hand. Emma works day and night seven days a week, she is very popular and you should look to book in advance.

A professional Photograph of Emma



You don’t hear to much of Agnes, if I were to be truthful, in fact she is one of the girls that you would over look, her pictures aren’t that great and for £200 for an hour there are lots of escorts with lots of better photos. If you go by this you will be missing out on a great lady because Agnes is one of the very best and you are going to love your time with her, that’s a fact. Check out her reviews both on the website of Rachaels London escorts and some off the other escort review sites out there, you will be so surprised, I know that I was, when I started reading the great things that people were saying about her.


is one of the more expensive ladies at Rachaels London escorts, she is a whopping £600 for an hour which is a massive amount of money to pay for the company of a lady.  I was wondering what made her so special for her to say that she wanted to charge these rates…… Until I meet her!!!!! WOW!!!!! What a looker! Lorette lives in a beautiful mews house in the back of Kensington, she is friendly as well as beautiful, elegant and sexy and is one of the most welcoming escorts that I have ever seen. I think that once you see Lorette you are going to struggle going back to seeing the cheaper ladies because this one of the dreamiest of all and the time that you are going to have will be brilliant.

escorting in London

When it comes to escorting in London, there is only one area that you need to visit, that is the illustrious area of Mayfair. You will find some of the best escorts that London has to offer here, from Eastern European stunners to Latino beauties, you will not be disappointed when visiting one of these gorgeous girls. Much like the Monopoly board, Mayfair really is the place to be, lavish restaurants and lively bars fill the streets of Mayfair. But what fun is that without a stunning girl on your arm. I am a regular visitor to the area as I love the feeling of wealth and class, however I always need a girl on my arm and that is where Mayfair Girls come in; the agency is brilliant with an incredible selection of over 150 girls on their website.

I often find myself spending hours looking through the gallery page, there is just so much talent to look at, I always do my homework before making a booking, ensuring that I pick a girl that provides the services I desire. However when the services aren’t listed, one quick call to Mayfair Girls London escorts and they are able to help me with any query. The team at the end of the phone is very friendly and extremely helpful. One of their top girls Irene, is a definite must see, absolutely gorgeous, she has all the qualities I look for. Super slim and very funny, I have spent a few evenings in her company and every single minute was enjoyable.

i was Booking a London escort this week

I went to book an escort this week and so many of the normal girls that I see are away! I was shocked, I normally call up the escort agency with around three choices and when I told the receptionist who they were, Roxy, Monika and Raisa, she said they were all off for Easter – shocker!!

a professional photograph taken of the London escort Monika from Dior Escorts.

Monika, Dior Escorts

London Escorts gallery browsing

So I picked another three paddies – all whom I have seen in the past and know to be very good girls and all I have had such fun with, sticking with the usual escorts in London is always a good idea! Even bigger shocker!!! They were away, so what I thought I would do is give Rachael the chance to give me some recommendations on who are the best new escorts in London, it’s true if you check out the new gallery on this escort agency website they have so many new faces and the gallery is always fresh as a daisy.

The names that Rachael came back with and who she said there was really great feedback about were;

Another image taken of a London Escort from Dior Escorts.

London Escort, Dior Escorts

Lucy – a blonde over in Baker Street – I checked out her photos and I really pick the one where she is naked but just wearing red high heel shoes, that is a very good photo, there is also a really nice one of her wearing a black dress. Perhaps this would be a good girl for me to pick if I were going to take one of the ladies for a night on the town, I have done it in the past and it always worked out well, you just have to make sure that the escort can speak good English or it can then become a little bit more hard work.

The other Blonde London Escort

There was another blonde on the list, Noa, Rachael said the feedback about her was really good and that she looks even better in the flesh than her photos would suggest, I know that for a fact a lot of people aren’t photogenic and that’s why they can look different in the pictures to real life. I was a little shocked to see that Noa was one of the £150 girls, I thought that she would be a lot more expensive than that, perhaps I should book her for a longer period of time.

The longest that I have ever seen an escort for is 8 hours and that was great fun, I will write a review about the lady that I finally saw and post it here so you all know how it went.